Want to make the most of your ski holidays without spending hours in shops trying on ski gear? Monts Garçon will take care of everything! Everything delivered to your doorstep, and access to our partner retail locations.



Monts Garçon will do your food shopping and deliver it to you upon your arrival. No more need to waste time, finally make the most of your vacation!


No more need to prepare your lunch the night before! Our partner bakery in the heart of La Clusaz prepares delicious sandwiches (raclette, roblechon, Savoie ham…) and Monts Garçon will deliver them to you, skis still on your feet.


Founded by two childhood friends with a passion for the mountains and skiing, Monts Garçon is an innovative concierge service based in ski resorts and adapted to the needs of both holiday-makers and locals.
Monts Garçon wants to be the first personal assistant that simplifies the life of holiday makers during their stay in the resort. Too much time is wasted renting material, buying ski passes, and going food shopping, all at the expense of the pleasure of skiing and winter activities. It provides access to a high quality service at affordable prices, to be able to make the most of one’s holidays.

“Mountain and ski enthusiasts, we have it at heart to simplify the lives of holiday-makers by offering personal services so that everyone can finally fully enjoy the pleasure of being in the mountains.”


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