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Conciergerie plateau de service

Classic services

  • Food shopping home delivery
  • Meal delivery
  • Breakfast delivery
  • Ski gear delivery
  • Restaurant and activity reservations

Price : 250€

Classic concierge service

Breakfast delivery is between 7 and 8am. Orders must be placed the day before, before 10pm. 

At the beginning of your stay, feel free to inform Mont Garcon of your usual breakfast preference, in order to avoid reordering every day.

Grocery delivery is between 4pm and 7pmFor Saturday delivery, we must receive your list of groceries at the latest, 3 days before.

For day-to-day food shopping, the list must be sent before 4pm



The delivery of skis is between 6 and 7pm on Saturday evening. We take them back on the following Friday evening.

Want a private driver? To try your ski equipment in the privacy of your chalet?  

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